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And yet many claim they are not alive unless they are outside of the womb. Amazing.
They should show the faces of the MSNBC people with egg on their faces...
How does that go again, the GOP is anti-science?
How I wish it were really true. Then all this theatrics the president is throwing at us would just disappear.
Do these people even think about it? They already raised taxes by 60 billion dollars. An extra 100 billion dollars would mean that taxes alone would take 1% of GDP off the economy. If the economy stumbles, if it does not grow a lot, they have just caused a recession. Do they even think?
How is THAT not racist? Just because he is black himself?
I never understood that myself. The amount of money required to litigate these things would be much better used to get these people IDs. This cannot be about the ID and it has to be something else.
I grew up thinking I was rich so when can I buy my Rolls-Royce?
I reslly do not agree with Kirsten's views but I admire her very, very much.
And Nevada thought he was better than Sharon Angle. Really Nevada?
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