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California Weighs Redefining Who Qualifies as a 'Doctor' to Cope with Obamacare's Shortages

Ococker Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 2:29 PM
And another tradirtional and useful word is redefined by the progressives. :"Doctor" in the healthcare sense once referred to MD, or DO. No longer- any healthcare person however tangential may now serve as a "doctor". For reference, see gay, or queen, or fairy, or even pride- and especially marriage. Think I'm kidding?- try describing a happy young woman as "gay" and see what you get Where are the checks and balances for civilization?

Kudos to Michelle Malkin for her enlightening post on the ongoing mess that is Obamacare, which begins by quoting a panel of liberals scoffing at her warnings about America's doctor shortage crisis.  But beyond the insular precincts of liberal conventional wisdom, the nation's healthcare law is no laughing matter -- as the patients of California will discover soon enough:

As the state moves to expand healthcare coverage to millions of Californians under President Obama's healthcare law, it faces a major obstacle: There aren't enough doctors to treat a crush of newly insured patients. Some...