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CPAC Unwise to Snub Christie, Gays

ocarol500 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 8:10 AM
Recall that ObamaCare is based on RomneyCare. Romney and Christie are cut from the same cloth and it's not Conservatism. Conservatives need a Standard of Behavior and Ideology by which Republicans are vetted. Those like McCain and Graham who do not measure up 100% can be given opportunity for reconciliation and penance [repealing unConstitutional bills], otherwise, they do not get any funds from the RNC for re-election. PS, do you notice how often so-called Conservatives become so when it's time for re-election but revert to their liberal ways as soon as the final re-election vote is tallied??

What can you do with a man like Chris Christie?

The answer, according to many with the conservative movement: Throw him overboard. And while we're at it, let's toss the gays over the side too.

The popular governor of New Jersey has certainly angered many conservatives, including this humble scribe. During the crucial final days of the presidential election, Christie didn't merely embrace President Obama, he all but endorsed him.

Then, during the congressional fight over the disaster-relief bill for victims of superstorm Sandy -- a bill with more pork in it than a Jimmy Dean factory -- Christie denounced Republicans...