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Unmusical Pro-Obama Ditty is Seriously Laughable

observer3 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 10:48 AM
As a real-life political ad, this thing is hideous, but you have to give it its due as a clever piece of music. Virtually everything it says is outrageously false propaganda projected through kids who couldn't possibly understand more than a fraction of what they sing. Yet it states the lyrics coherently and fits them to the musical format. I had to laugh through clenched teeth. It won't persuade anyone, and probably turns off a few undecided voters, but compared to the trash put out by most of the juvenile left, it's impressive.

About the new video from a group that calls itself the Future Children Project, which promotes its pro-Obama message in a song performed by a children’s choir: You people must be joking.


This agitprop is so bad I thought it was political satire. It didn’t seem possible that anyone would seriously expect American voters to be swayed by a song filled with lyrics that lament the unemployment of Big Bird, warn of dead polar bears and threaten a guilt trip for moms and dads if they don’t pull the lever for Barack Obama on Tuesday.

No, despite the fact that...