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While I think there is a significant amount of IRS abuse in the targeting of conservative group applications for 501c status, let's not go overboard. This email establishes only that Sen. Whitehouse thought some of the organizations may have "lied" on their applications regarding political contributions, and asked the DOJ and IRS to look into it. Regardless of the political motivation, you can't call it a crime for these agencies to "look into" allegations of illegal activity. That is part of their jobs. Generating maliciously false criminal charges would be subject to civil and possibly criminal penalties, but that didn't happen. Right now, the only form of confirmed wrongdoing is the politicized delay of the conservative exemption applications, and the lies to cover it up.
"Warmest" by a few hundredths of a degree celsius. Not statistically significant, or barely so. A global plateau for at least 17 years means it hasn't gotten warmer, so those born in that span haven't experienced the warming which preceded the pause.
Hansen actually said in 1988 (or claimed he said) the West Side Highway would be under water in 40 years, not 20 as the interviewer more recently corroborated. Still a failed prediction because 25 years later it should be at least halfway there, but no discernible rise in the water line. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/10/22/a-little-known-but-failed-20-year-old-climate-change-prediction-by-dr-james-hansen/
This Pope is from a part of the world which vacillates between different versions of tyranny and oppression, with economic and personal liberty always fragile and subject to a repressive replacement. This interplay has undoubtedly compelled him to form an opinion as to the lesser of the evils prevalent in South American politics and economics. While he has criticized the "Liberation Theology" crowd which seeks to turn Christianity into a mere social movement, he seems more sympathetic to the rhetoric of the leftist "revolutionaries" who oppose the military juntas and fascist oligarchies. God bless these United States, which has produced the best political-economic system yet, which the perpetual advocates of excess control and coercion are determined to destroy. May God grant wisdom to Pope Francis to understand this more clearly.
If you are simply buying flowers, they would probably just sell them to you even if they are gay florists, and just give you dirty looks. The interesting hypothetical would be to have them send a funeral arrangement for a known homosexual with a card saying "I pray God has mercy on your soul."
In New Jersey, with such a Democrat registration edge, who does Sarah Palin add to the voters who already plan to vote for Lonegan? I fear she is more likely to galvanize the Democrats and pull more of them to the polls. I admire her greatly, but she works best as an endorser in Republican primaries. Then again, New Jersey elected Christie, so maybe it will help.
The interviewer didn't do a good job of questioning Aslan. His book is not the first one to present the "real Jesus" by ignoring or distorting the Gospel accounts to negate the miraculous events and divinity of Jesus. You can't blame the secular academics for trying to do this. If the interviewer had done some research she would have know that all of these "real Jesus" books and articles have significant flaws in their explanation for the empty tomb and the insistence of the disciples, to the point of suffering death, that they had seen the risen Lord after his crucifixion. Had they known it was not true, how would Christianity have risen and flourished? Jesus wasn't just a social reformer or rabble-rouser. The misguided and misinformed interview was a missed opportunity and bolstered this unremarkable writer's credibility.
It is wrong to have heterosexual lustful thoughts as well, but it doesn't disqualify you from church attendance or church office if you act properly, and pray for help to overcome the sinful thoughts. Matthew 15: 15-20 "It is not what comes into a man's mouth which defiles him, it is what comes out." Jesus listed all the sinful intentions of the heart, not just homosexual urges; all of which are found in faithful Christians and clergy, to some degree. We overcome them with the grace of God, though some of the sinful tendencies may persist.
I preferred Pope Benedict's policy on gay priests, given the majority of the sex abuse by priests was of boys; but Francis is in charge, and his position is consistent with scripture and church doctrine. It is the acts which are sinful, not the orientation.
You won't find "The Trinity" either, but you agree with Catholics that it is the truth about the nature of God. You will find, in 1 Timothy 3: 15, that St. Paul refers to "the house of God, which is the church of God, the pillar and ground of the truth," in King James Bible. No, it doesn't say "Catholic," nor any other denomination. A different issue from this one.
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