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So did I,and he's the only politician I ever donated to as well !!!
You know back in the 99/2000 GOP primary debates, candidate Alan Keyes made an interesting statement on income taxes,and basically he said when America accepted the premise the government could tax income the percent was arbitrary. Once the foundations set it could be 1% or it could be 100%,it's at their discretion !!!
Amen to that,ha,ha !!!
You just don't understand,you see it's the 1%'ers fault,they didn't give enough of their fair share to the guy in the white hoodie so it stands to reason he had to stab this young woman 11's the right thing to do !!!
No actually,this is where we get to say,screw the double standard,if it works for one group it works for every group !!!
So kill them babies will,you'll feel good doing it !!!
I think Riley Cooper's asking the same question !!!
The Boston Globe and the NY Times together aren't worth anywhere near 70 million,as a matter of fact all the liberal rag newspapers in the country combined aren't worth 70 million !!!
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Last Hurrah of the Interventionists?

Obie Wan Wrote: Aug 02, 2013 10:16 PM
Based on where we as a country appear to be heading, it's almost laughable to think we're going to be able "project" our will throughout the world much longer. International cache requires military and economic power, and the socialist/liberal road the USA is on is not capable of continuing to maintain this power !!!
It should be really interesting come Jan 1,2014 when the bell tolls for people to start getting the bills on their " super duper new health care program". A lot of the dopes think they have been paying for it already, so the individual mandate is going to come as a shocker to em. Add it to about 4 bucks a gallon gas and steady escalating food prices and Detroit may not be lonely for long,ha,ha !!!
Can't add anything to your posting,pretty much says it all,ha,ha !!!
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