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He's going on trial now,could they wait any longer? What was the problem........a lack of evidence. Try him,find him guilty for what he did, and hang him !!!
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Liberals Gear Up For Obamacare Fight

Obie Wan Wrote: Aug 05, 2013 11:34 PM
Liberals don't need to fight for Obamacare, Johnny Roberts that great "conservative" Supreme Court Justice settled Obamacare. This country is stuck with Obamacare because there's a backstabbing phony in all branches of the Federal government !!!
They can pass any friggin mandate they want,they've just got to find all of America's weapons. Good luck on finding mine,because I just forgot where I put em !!!
Oh yeah,big deal, mayor for the second time at 4 yrs old. I bet I can color better then him !!!
Take Carney to Ambassador Christopher Stevens grave, that might help him decide !!!
Anybody who puts a lot of salt in politicians claiming, "al Qaeda is on the run" or "mission accomplished" is kidding themselves. The fact is America better forget the soundbites and realize that these people are the descendants of people who invaded Europe 1000 yrs ago, and while some of them might have traded camels for toyota pickup's,they still pretty much have the same mindset, and there ain't going to be no soundbite to change that !!!
I not so sure people have changed,however people may have given in to the political games being played on behalf of the homosexual agenda.In my state of Massachusetts the decision to allow same sex marriage was passed by a handful of left wing judges. The people wanted a popular vote but the democrat legislature never allowed it. In Cal the peeps got a chance to vote and said h*ll NO, the vote overturned by a liberal judge. Your side may win by poltical gamesmanship but highly doubtful by popularity !!!
Jan Brewer can only do so much,she's a Governor not the President. You don't think Brewer's taken heat for standing up as much as she has already? The "we really love illegals" crowd as you said isn't just the D's,but people like McCain and don't forget to add the Bush family in there,along with plenty of other Wasington scumbags !!!
See the thing is, we're not interested in Keystone because our President told us it would only create about 50 jobs, and our President is a wiiiiiiiiiiiiicked smart guy who would never lie to us !!!
So did I,and he's the only politician I ever donated to as well !!!
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