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Quite a Turnaround

obamasux Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 6:54 PM
This is only the beginning of the misconceptions of the Messiah; wait until the economy hits rock bottom and the welfare check food stamps stop because there is no more money.Those who stupidly believed in the leftist liberal media lie will see the light of day when they have no money and nothing to eat, they would have wished that they would have voted for the smart business man Romney rather than the socialist social worker obama who’s never held a real job in a day of his life.

I am NOT a fan of Alex Jones; in my view, it's no accident that lefties like Piers Morgan use him as a way to embarrass conservatives.  But a reader sent me the video below and it is truly astonishing -- on his show, the ObamaPhone Lady recanted her support for the President.  How many more Americans feel the same way?