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MSNBC Host: If Adam Lanza Killed Black Kids We Probably Wouldn’t Be Talking About Guns

obamasux Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 11:29 AM
Black ignorance is just as much as a problem for the blacks as black on black crime is. Always wanting to feel sorry for themselves wanting to feed off of white guilt using whatever made up excuse they can invent. Wikepedia: South Brooklyn is an historic term for a section of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, encompassing areas of Cobble Hill, Red Hook, Gowanus, Park Slope, and Boerum Hill.[citation needed] Thus it is roughly encompassed by Brooklyn Community Board 6, which in turn approximates the southern half of the 18th century Town of Brooklyn.[citation needed] The IND Culver Line subway line (F G trains) serves South Brooklyn and was originally named the South Brooklyn Line on some official subway maps. However, it may have been
America is Over Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 12:54 PM
We used to joke about it.

"I can't believe you're from Brooklyn and you listen to country music..."
"That's because I'm from SOUTH Brooklyn..."

That MSNBC host would be the one and only Touré who was responding to a section in Wayne LaPierre’s recent article on The Daily Caller. The NRA chief was discussing the various reasons law-abiding citizens need a firearm, including after a natural disaster.

 “After Hurricane Sandy, we saw the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia. Looters ran wild in south Brooklyn. There was no food, water or electricity. And if you wanted to walk several miles to get supplies, you better get back before dark, or you might not get home at all.”