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The leftist media has been hell bent in using its control of the mass media to brainwash Americans to accept the new world order one world government. By subtle repetitive imaging & subliminal messages in particular that of black males with white women in order to give up our pride identity. That everything that’s wrong with the world is white America’s fault. The only problem with new world order one world government theory is that it does not take into account that of the battle of the survival of the fittest. The white race didn’t find it way to the top it fought its way there when the leftist try to remove the white race from its rightful place the white race will act with in its survival instinct and kill all the other races.
It’s a no-brainer that the pipe line would be good for America. The only problem is that those who can’t see through obama phoniness are brainless and like obama couldn't care less about America. obama who’s real intentions like those of the leftist is to hurt America as much as possible because obama hates America.
Can’t wait never to see another jim carry movie.
Cold blooded murder. Both the so-called doctor & the so-called mother should face the death penalty. While in jail awaiting trial the other prisoners should be made aware of who the baby killers are perhaps the baby killers will get a sense of how it feels like to feel helpless without a protector and about to die just as the babies did.
Occam’s razor: gun control laws would have not prevented a mentally ill person from committing mass murder. The simple solution would be to allow people to take personal responsibility for themselves and be allowed to conceal & carry.
Dana Loesch got the leftist to admit that the real goal of the leftist gun control is not limiting guns or magazine capacity but the elimination of people’s rights to legally own a gun. The leftist also played fast & loose with the truth when they compared countries with strict gun laws who’s population is mostly white who have relatively low crime rate while excluding countries who’s population is mostly black while having gun control laws but have a high rate of violent gun crimes. Which mirrors the USA population in black cities where there is strict gun laws there are much higher rate of gun violence while in white cities with gun freedoms there are much lower rate of gun violence.
Well what else would you expect when stupid people trade in their freedom for food stamps by voting in a socialist dictator promising a new paradise? The first rule of socialism is make the people fully & totally dependent on government. Second rule gradually take away their guns & freedom of speech. Then enslave them with overbearing laws and stupid rules and kill anyone who disagrees with the new world order.
America doesn’t have a gun problem America has a black problem. Where you have the far majority of black males who don’t take responsibility for their children abandoning them to be raise by a mother who’s not even capable of taking care of herself let alone children and has to rely on welfare for survival and the only real male figures the black children have are the black gangster rappers who glorify drugs, gangs, gun violence. The leftist main stream media won’t touch the subject of black violent criminals because it would be racist but would much rather brainwash Americans with lies blaming white Americans filling them with white guilt over the blight conditions the black have created for themselves in which white Americans has no fault
You can believe whatever you want about who would work harder. But in the reality of everything Cesar Chaves was right about being against illegal immigration for the very same reason I posted. Illegal aliens drive down wages & quality of life for those who worked to earn a good living just to lose everything to an illegal alien who is willing to work for less.
What these tech companies really want from illegal immigration reform is a none ending source of cheap labor, not just from those unskilled illegal aliens who work next to nothing but the high end technical field that will drive down wages for hard working highly skilled Americans who will have to compete against illegal aliens who are willing to work for less money & benefits in an already difficult job market.
Think it can’t happen in America think again. On April 3 1933 Franklin Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of gold belonging to American citizens in order to bail out the Federal Reserve. All personal gold had to be delivered by May 1, 1933 or face imprisonment of 10 years.
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