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Boo Hoo: MSNBC Hosts Are “Sad” Jesse Jackson Jr. Got Caught

obamasux Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 12:08 PM
Jesses Jackson a typical black who loves to blame the white’s for all of the personal problems the that blacks have and after committing their thievery crimes and getting caught and true to form the blacks still blame the whites for the typical thievery behavior of the blacks. The leftist media feeding the blacks white guilt as Fodder in which the typical blacks loves to gorge themselves on does more to hurt the blacks by keeping them too dependent on government’s welfare and keeps them from ever taking responsibility for their own criminalism behavior

After reading about the money he stole, the expensive swag he bought with campaign funds, and the constituents he ultimately betrayed, it’s hard to feel anything but contempt for disgraced celebrity son and former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. But apparently not everyone agrees with me. Indeed, the folks over at ‘Morning Joe’ are -- wait for it -- saddened by his downfall (via Jazz Shaw):

Jackson: “For years I have lived off my campaign”
Scarborough: “It’s a sad story.”

Jazz summarized exactly how I felt after watching this nauseating segment: