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8) When President Obama merges America with ISIS, will you fight for evolutionary abortion by transsexual doctors?
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Explaining Obama’s Obsession

Obamajustinks Wrote: Feb 16, 2015 12:18 PM
Yeah, no kidding...
Katie, Love your work. But... Being called a scallywag can be a compliment. Scalawags were whites who fought the racist southern white Democrats in order to help the freed slaves. The KKK lynched whites too.
Yemen IS a success, just like; Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Iran, Egypt, ... ...might as well include Syria. Depends upon your point of view.
It is difficult enough to get an impeachment. Hanging for desertion is a bridge too far.
Yeah, but, look on the bright side; Obama made $14,000,000 in one weekend supporting gay marriage after he was against it.
Obama is obviously setting traps and leaving poison pills all over the government (among others; Amnesty expiring the year his term ends, et al). A moderate Republican will be destroyed by them - by way of the communist media - thus making the government a Democrat-party donor oligarchy forever. Jeb and Mitt are being sucker-punched. Either elect a brutal conservative, or let the Dems take '16. Then THEY will take the fall. Obama is an infantile tyrant, nothing more.
Reading one Giles column, is as inspiring and educational than two hours at Bible Study.
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Corker's Folly

Obamajustinks Wrote: Jan 11, 2015 9:21 AM
The price of gasoline should have a minimum, say, $2.50 /gal just for round numbers. With any monies above the cost of production, distribution, sales, going to the states for transit-related costs. This makes the U.S. oil industry solvent and, immune from the price tricks currently in play on the world stage by, among others, Saudi Arabia. It also gives the Green-heads a target to fight against for making 'renewable' fuels cost-effective to compete with fossil fuels. But the system would collapse because corruptocrats can't keep their hand out of the cookie jar, and, the voters are too stupid to even know that corruptocrats exist.
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