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For these people it is all about wielding the coercive power of the state against their opponents.
Another three-little-monkey sycophant of FUBARack heard from. But, you have a point, FUBARack caught in another lie is a "dog bites man" kind of happening.
You think that what the president says or claims scrapes the bottom of the cess pool? I agree. But I usually take his utterances with a grain of salt because he lies constantly. This is another example of the same ol' same ol'. Don't you agree?
How so? Isn't Israel just one of many countries with which we ally aourselves? And aren't they a strong bulwark in the ME? Your thinking is quite simplistic an guided by unnecessary animus.
No, it was some weird psycho like you that did the deed.
I know liberal women, but I don't any who are intelligent. Do you?
So, you want to treat gun owners the way Hitler treated Jews? Got it!
You have to have them in order for them to be useful at all. But doesn't the same apply to fire extingushers? Just because you may die in a house fire, please don't bother keeping such useless things.
So, the lower class citizens don't deserve the same protection as the elite, as you call them? By your logic, only the elite are targets of crazed perpetrators, no? I do believe you are trying to be sarcastic against the lefties, so I forgive you.
Well, the three little monkeys sycophants know the third rule is "speak no evil" against FUBARack, their beloved leader. She was just trying to remind the other "news" person of this article of faith.
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