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I actually hope that all of you libtards think that way . . . it will be delightful to see the shocked expressions on your normally blank faces when you realize you are faced with fierce opponents that are more than ready for a good fight that we will win. And what in the world makes you think we would be seen in any neighborhood that someone like you could possibly inhabit? I have standards, and I would never waste my time in one of THOSE neighborhoods!
And don't forget the unbelievably nasty episode on iimmy fallon's show when his band played an extremely insulting song upon Republican candidate Michele Bachmann's entrance. That was disgraceful, and I will NOT watch fallon because of it. These left-leaning celebrities are a pimple on the a__ of our country, & I wish they would all have to pay for their harmful influence. Also on my list of banned celebs are america ferrara, kal penn, george clooney, jon bon jovi (all major obama-a__-kissers), and ellen degeneres, who spoils her show by inviting the likes of rachel maddow and michele obama. You would think that these idiot celebrities would realize that they' re alienating a good portion of the very audiences that helped them get rich.
Never have I heard truer words uttered. I have endured blatant (and inexplicably, socially accepted) racial prejudice from blacks my entire life. Yet, THEY throw that term at US constantly, and everybody jumps to appease them. Just the other day, I saw a black woman walking into my local grocery wearing a "I love being black" tee shirt. If somebody white had one on that said they loved being white, it would be all over the news as racism AND I bet that same woman would be offended by it, as well.! This country has embraced a wide variety of ridiculous behavior that is tearing the country apart. We were much better off when decent morals, and more importantly, Godly values were still "in fashion".
holder is a criminal, a thug, and an embarrassment to the human race (DNA gone terribly wrong). Only in the "obama administration" could this parasite hold public office . . . he absolutely should be prosecuted and be forever jailed (although from a taxpayer's standpoint, I can think of other punishment I would prefer that would be more lasting and financially fruitful).
in obama's own pathethically delusional mind, he's awesome and smarter than all of us. In my opinion, the world would have been much better off if he had never been born.
That nasty spike lee should be in JAIL. He's a useless piece of crap.
I have NEVER struggled so much (financially) as I have since idiot obama has been in office. During GWB's presidency, I was MUCH more financially comfortable and could actually make my budget work. Not now! I am sick of trudging in to a job I hate every day, just to have obama and his thugs take all my money to give to the welfare bums & illegals. And, I can't believe the morons on the left are still riding on the blame train for GWB. Whatever happened to the promises of their false messiah (obama) for all that awesome change he promised? I am beginning to think the collective I.Q. of the entire democratic party wouldn't even equal 60. I knew when obama kept parroting "yes, we can" that he was full of B.S.
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