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Danger on the Horizon

obamabotsucks Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 9:03 AM
The financial debacle caused by idiot obama is just one of the millions of reasons I detest him and want him OUT. Every time I see his arrogant face or hear his lies, I find new reasons to hate him. I would say he is a non-entity, but that is giving him more credit than is due. He is killing this country and enjoying every minute of it.
That is exactly what this idiot does think. Sadly, he has a lot of followers who are as stupd as he is.
I couldn't agree more. Check this out:
Why don't you just go back to sniffing whatever drugs you take and saying your daily prayers to hussein obama? We aren't interested in the comments you cook up while in the throes of obvious hallucination.
I wish that were true, but I know from experience that NOTHING alters the liberals' brainwashed ideologies. They are determined to stay in their chosen rut, and they will distort anything said by a conservative to fit their own purposes.
Because the so-called "obama administration" is completely corrupt. Until obama, reid, and pelosi are ousted, there is no hope of anything but ruin for this country. This is by far the most corrupt, dishonest, and offensive "administration" I have EVER seen. I personally think that obama was groomed by somebody, and I feel positive that whoever it was did NOT have pro-American views. I think obama is an implant from one of our enemies - probably Al Qaeda.
That may well be true, but I would rather stand proud and speak my mind. I refuse to cower to their intimidation tactics. When civil war disrupts (and I predict, from the extremely hostile sense of division within our country, that it will), I won't be shy about standing my ground and fighting for my beliefs. When you have a despot running the country, it takes a strong group of people who believe in human rights to band together and fight for those rights. One thing is for sure - the USA is going to hell, and somebody has to fight to save it.
You are an idiot. The media is totally biased in favor of the left, and it IS unfair. obama is a complete moron (and in my opinion, much worse) but they cover for all of his criminal activity and stupid behavior. Why would you even want to insert your unwelcome opinion among those who obviously don't have any use for your kind?
A teleprompter and perhaps an i.v. of living brain cells to help him along?
So true, and all of us hard-working GOP's are being forced to pay the freebies, food stamps, and welfare that these same bad people take for granted. The one you replied to doesn't have to lock his house or car .; . . he is probably part of the element that commits all the crimes.
I actually hope that all of you libtards think that way . . . it will be delightful to see the shocked expressions on your normally blank faces when you realize you are faced with fierce opponents that are more than ready for a good fight that we will win. And what in the world makes you think we would be seen in any neighborhood that someone like you could possibly inhabit? I have standards, and I would never waste my time in one of THOSE neighborhoods!
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