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7 Ways Conservative Activists Are Being Harassed By the Left

obamabotsucks Wrote: Jun 14, 2012 6:04 PM
Why don't you just go back to sniffing whatever drugs you take and saying your daily prayers to hussein obama? We aren't interested in the comments you cook up while in the throes of obvious hallucination.
The harassment that seems to follow people who get caught in the crosshairs of Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin has started to put a spotlight on the staggering level of abuse that many activists, columnists, and bloggers on the Right have to endure just to exercise their First Amendment rights. If liberals had to deal with 1/10 of the same amount of harassment that conservatives do, it would be a front page story in every major paper in America and Barack Obama would be giving speeches about it. Unfortunately for those of us in the new media on the Right,...