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Just a note...how do you tell a lib is lying? His lips are moving.
I'm not on the list, but comments like yours make all the troll insults worthwhile.
Will I find out about it, I wonder? I don't think I've ever been flagged before.
Resist, I changed my screen name yesterday and had no problem.
and who also sees that the unborn are not chattel and property to be disposed of at will.
The fact is that women who choose abstinence and delay their first sexual contact until their 20's are FAR more likely to obtain a higher level of academic achievement than those who have sex in high school. You're right, Jason. The libs have fought not only sonogram laws, but informed consent policies as well. Isn't it ironic that the same people who INSIST that every fast food restaurant post the chemical content and calorie count of every menu item insist that women who go to abortion clinics shouldn't be bothered with being told the potential health risks of the procedure they are about to undergo.
that's why I'm voting for the party that encourages self- reliance and personal responsibility.
I've borrowed this to use as a parody.
Resist, I got an interesting e-mail yesterday from an old friend. She says that she was enthusiastic about Obama in 2008. After the second debate, she said she decided she just couldn't vote for him a second time.
So why don't you work for a better society by getting involved in activities that might actually bring about your goals. Local elementary schools are begging for mentors.
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