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BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Black Smoke Appeared At Sistine Chapel Chimney. ________________ They are just burning files on child abuse cases. Nothing new there. In other words - DESTROYING EVIDENCE.
God bless all the Cardinals as they decide on the next Holy Father. May God be with each of them during this enormous task. 1 billion Catholics are praying for each of them while everyone else is getting their LITTLE BOYS OUT OF ROME.
Pink smoke means Barbara Eden is the new Pope.
'"Intentional site disruptor"?? Oh you mean truth hurts? I got it. Who knew that cons hate free expression, free speech and FACT-BASED conversations/debates.
Conservative + Intellect = JOKE!
Election fraud? what election fraud? Ridiculous... Conservative + Intellect = Joke.
I will take President Obama's legacy over war-criminal Bush's great depression and massive criminality.
Isn't it just terrible that someone should support the President of the United States!
Even Ronald Reagan disagreed with the presidential term limit, It's just a load of nonsense.
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