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Why Do Societies Give Up?

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 11:36 AM
Rep... dysfunctionals getting off their sofas to vote would cause more incompetents who pander to them in order to garner their votes becoming elected. This would cause you taxes to rise ever higher. Those that pay no federal, state and local taxes and instead only cash register taxes while also on well-fair and food stamps should not be allowed to vote. This nation needs to "reform" voting and in so doing eliminate the effect of dysfunctionals who can and do swing elections and have done so since 1965.

Why do once-successful societies ossify and decline?

Hundreds of reasons have been adduced for the fall of Rome and the end of the Old Regime in 18th-century France. Reasons run from inflation and excessive spending to resource depletion and enemy invasion, as historians attempt to understand the sudden collapse of the Mycenaeans, the Aztecs and, apparently, the modern Greeks. In literature from Catullus to Edward Gibbon, wealth and leisure -- and who gets the most of both -- more often than poverty and exhaustion implode civilization.

One recurring theme seems consistent in Athenian literature on the eve of the city's takeover...