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When Plan B Becomes Plan A

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 6:41 PM
AND THE MORE DYSFUNCTIONALS PREVENTED FROM BEARING CHILDREN... THE BETTER This means that fewer of you and your neighbors descendants will be butchered by offspring of rabid dysfunctionals and thus not otherwise filling countless cemeteries nationwide during their teen years. Fewer children born of dysfunctionals = less social mayhem and fewer murders.

The New York Post has reported that, unbeknownst to parents, New York City schools have given out tens of thousands of the "morning after" pill  to students over the last three years.

Here is a key paragraph from the story:

[Mona] Davids [President of the NYC Parents Union and mother of a 14-year-old], who is black, noted that most school-based health centers are in poor neighborhoods.

“This was population control on blacks and Latinos without our knowledge,” she said.

Such a view is entirely understandable, given that 62.5% of Planned Parenthood (abortion) clinics are located in predominantly African...