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The Bigots Against Marriage Equality

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 1:13 AM
NEXT... THEY WILL ARGUE FOR 'MARRIAGE' TO ANYTHING AS BEING A 'RIGHT' AND THEREFORE... A-OK ... to include the 'right' to marry a turnip, corpse or mushroom. Under liberalism all forms of deviance is to be considered A-OK if it is resultant from to leads to "pursuit of happiness". Therefore... sodomite-marriage under the rubric of "pursuit of happiness" is... A-OK say the depraved and indifferent sex deviants in support of such that seek under the cover of "marriage-equality" the 'right' to adopt impressionable children and the take them... Behind The Green Door.

We hear it from gay activists day and night, “This is about marriage equality. We believe in marriage for all.” In reality, what most of these activists want is a redefinition of marriage that suits them alone. For the rest, they want anything but equality.

Writing in Australia, Bill Muehlenberg notes that polyamorists have challenged the Green Party’s declaration that they support “Marriage for All.” The Australian press reported that, “The Greens have declared they have a clear policy against support for polyamorous marriage as they pursue their case for same-sex marriage. Greens marriage equality spokeswoman Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has...