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The Best Solution

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 4:10 PM
MINORITIES... IN AMERICA THEY HAVE ENLARGED THEIR NUMBER IN THE 20TH CENTURY ... from 6 million in 1900 to 105 million today (in 2050 they will be 250 million and then 700 million in 2100) Minorities now comprise 1/3rd of this nation. Some are descendant relics of the Civil War (42 million) while others are invader-interlopers from mostly Mexico (59 million). Most comprising these two groups are under-productive with many being nonproductive. Nearly all receive federal and state benefits paid for by tax dollars. Collectively and since 1965 (when together numbering 25 million) they have quadrupled their number and are the reason for the present day National Debt (16.7 Trillion dollars) that in 1965 was near ZERO.
During last Wednesday’s news conference, President Obama offered his plan for dealing with the looming fiscal cliff and expiring tax cuts. While the President claims he desires to work with Congress to reduce the deficit in a balanced and responsible way, he was clear that he intends to hold the middle class hostage in order to achieve his goal of increasing taxes on more successful Americans.

How is the President doing this? By announcing that Congress must either bow to his agenda or send all Americans a higher tax bill.

While Obama was busily pushing his ultimatum, he seems...