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The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 11:40 PM
RATHER THAN AMEND THE CONSTITUTION ENABLING LIFETIME PRESIDENCIES ... as had been sought unsuccessfully by Clinton and will soon by Obama... instead amend the Constitution mandating voting not be a 'right' but instead an earned privilege granted to those that pass a once per decade comprehensive test on the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution along with US and world history. Those over age 21 that pass this test must be in good standing regarding federal, state and local tax obligations, working rather than unemployed and/or retired while having not been convicted of a serious federal or state felony. Applying the above will eliminate near 100% of vote fraud while assuring that competent people be elected.
The Artist Formerly Known as Bill Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 6:56 PM
Need to start by requiring the test be passed before anyone elected takes the oath.
Question: How many times over the past four years have exploitative liberal journalists and Democratic leaders rushed to pin random acts of violence on the tea party, Republicans, Fox News and conservative talk radio?

Answer: Nearly a dozen times, including the 2009 massacre of three Pittsburgh police officers (which lib journos falsely blamed on Fox News, Glenn Beck and the "heated, apocalyptic rhetoric of the anti-Obama forces"); the 2009 suicide insurance scam/murder hoax of Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman (which New York magazine falsely blamed on Rush Limbaugh, "conservative media personalities, websites and even members of Congress"); the 2009 Holocaust museum shooting...