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President's Power of Pardon

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:28 AM
FORGET THE DRUG DEALERS... INSTEAD, GO AFTER THE DRUG USERS Test everyone.... try and convict user-offenders of street drugs... and do so... mercilessly. Want to renew your drivers license, vote or run for elected office then don't ever have consumed street drugs. Most can be detected in the human system weeks to months later. Applying the above and enforcing it vigorously will prevent some 20 million people in the US (out of a nation of 310 million) that are 'consumers' of street drugs that alone and based upon such do then both empower and financing criminal drug cartels in Mexico, Central America, South America... and worldwide. Since 1960 the amount of money expended on street drugs in the US exceeds the current National Debt.
President Bill Clinton used his presidential pardon power in July 2000 to commute the sentence of Serena Nunn, who was sentenced to 15 years for a first-time nonviolent drug offense when she was 19. The pardon shaved three years off Nunn's sentence. Nunn told me over the phone, "I thought then that it was a great thing that a president used his power to help an average person."

Nunn later graduated from college and then the University of Michigan Law School. Last month, having passed a character fitness test, Nunn passed the Georgia bar. On Monday, she will be sworn in as...