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Ohio Early Voting: Romney Closes the Gap?

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 2:38 PM
TODAY... AMERICA DECIDES IT'S FATE IN THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION SINCE THE CIVIL WAR ... and even possibly since 1776. The nation this fateful day will decide whether to continue on a path leading to economic calamity via an experiment made president who seeks reelection or choose instead an alternative path that far greater assures a return to prosperity as had been the case under Reagan but not Carter. In this nation conservatives and Republicans outnumber liberals and democrats 2/1. It is only when too many Republicans remain home on election day that ever does a democrat obtain office. The experiment made president must end this day.... VOTE !!

This information may be more substantive than anything in my previous "tea leaves" post, if it pans out.  Tweets from three sharp analysts, based on the available early voting data in Ohio:

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