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Obama: "We Are Not a Deadbeat Nation"

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 6:34 PM
THERE THERE... ARE YOU SUFFICIENTLY COMFORTABLE.... CRACK-0 ??? ... here in the land of milk and honey. After all... I don't want to be accused of being 'unfeeling' and without empathy. May I pick your dreadlocks... comb your mustache and beard... adjust your gold chain... or instead polish your bong and wash your car... while you are inside enjoying the air conditioning within your Section 8 housing... watching Soul Train on your 65" LED TV? Perhaps I could go to the store and buy you some freebies with your well-fair and food stamp cards. Surely no one will notice... perhaps some alcohol, tobacco and street drugs on the way back.. too. Now now... no need to get up from your crack-chair. I will quietly close the door behind me...

President Obama used his characteristically demagogic and dishonest press conference today to attack Republicans and insist that he will not negotiate over the impending expiration of America's debt limit.  In response to a question from NBC's Chuck Todd, Obama declined to fully rule out unilateral action on hiking the debt ceiling; he lashed out at the GOP, warning that their (popular) demand of dollar-for-dollar spending cuts could damage the economy, prevent the country from paying its bills, and further erode "the full faith and credit" of the United States: