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Jim Nabors and How Liberalism May Win Its Way to Defeat

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 7:11 PM
Colonialgirl... all Christian denominations include within their teachings the history contained within the Old Testament. This includes the Ten Commandments and prophesy that a Messiah (unnamed however) will appear. The Old Testament ends in terms of history but not in terms of facts contained within such and only does so with the appearance of the Messiah.. named Jesus. He was indeed the prophesied Messiah of Old Testament. In human form and named Jesus He was The Christ as named within but the New Testament. It is together as history and fact that the stories within the Old and New Testament when combined that the compilation of both in but one book... is termed The Holy Bible.

Is Gomer Pyle one of the Four Horseman of the Liberal Apocalypse?

The superficially surprising thing about last week’s announcement that Jim Nabors had married his boyfriend of four decades was not so much the nuptials themselves – I always felt Gomer was just going through the motions with Lou-Ann Poovie. Rather, it was the cultural reaction to the news that a huge star back in his day had decided he would tell even if we didn’t ask.

There was no reaction. America, including conservatives regardless of their feelings about gay marriage, collectively shrugged their shoulders and generally wished the elderly...