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Gun Nuts vs Anti-Gun Nuts

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 1:06 PM
TURNING SUBURBS INTO CITIES - - IN TERMS OF CRIME RATE & MURDER Per capita it is that violence and gun crime in cities is some ten times greater than in suburbs. Most cities have very strict gun laws. Criminals know how to circumvent this fact. They acquire guns for activities far removed from collecting, target shooting, hunting and self defense whereas non-criminals obtain them for these very specific legitimate reasons.. especially self defense. Absent so doing the homes and neighborhoods of suburbs... and crime rates per capita... would mirror that of Chicago and Detroit.

The battle rages on about whether this country wants to further restrict the availability of guns, the types of guns and the ammunition to be used in those guns. On one side is what is referred to as the Gun Nuts with the point being taken by the NRA. Then there are the Anti-Gun Nuts - you don’t hear that term do you? They are being led by many -- including our President -- who states he is just proposing “common sense” changes. Then there are those of us caught in the middle of a gun fight.

There are plenty of...