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Homosexuals... depraved as indeed they are... demand acceptance and tolerance along with being deemed 'normal' along with marriage to one another based upon 'equal' treatment... and most especially the adoption by them of impressionable children they hope to convert via persuasion (if possible) and illustration starting at age 2.
HOMOSEXUALISM - - AND IT'S FINAL SOLUTION (we're not talking trains, concentration camps, gas chambers and crematoriums) We are talking genetic alternation to eliminate this horrific and depraved affliction (and at the same time some 70% of serial killers of which 99% are male). Nature made quiescent those genes within all humans today that if allowed to express would cause return of Neanderthals. Genetic science will this century do the same for homosexualism and a plethora of other genetic rooted afflictions.
... subtract $500 for every missed free throw.
well stated...
LaTawand... LaTanisha... and LaTwill - - - WHAT WILL I DO NOW ... that my already pathetic 'career' is on the rocks due to age and lack of sufficient talent. Har.. I know... it's time for LaTyrone !! Shhhh... now you three babes be real real quite while I come out of the closet. "Jason" the untalented !
... ya think ??
djandle88 No... to learn why read my posts below.
Homodepravanosis... homodeviantosis... homodisgustinosis ... all apply to this depravity that Christ had not one good word to say about, regarding such behavior, that instead He defined as comprising an abomination. Thinking Christ was not right.. then any so doing need to think again.
Doug5049 The near same percentage of geniuses and dolts are born to blacks and whites. The difference is within the center of the Bell Curve which in the case of blacks is skewed some 5-10 points to the left. It is inevitable that among 42 million blacks in America (up from 3 million in 1865 to become 200 million in 2100... with Hispanics at far greater numbers) that phenomenal athletes, intellects and medical doctors will appear... and collectively comprise about 2% of the entire group. It is among the other 98% that you need be concerned of which a significant percentage are born with sub-standard intellect... another genetic rooted affliction.
HOMO-AWARE ...... NOT "HOMO-PHOBIC" Being aware of that which is deviant and comprises depraved and indifferent behavior and conduct does not mean that such awareness compels or comprises 'fear' as is intended by the oft applied expression "homophobic". Homo-Aware is the correct expression...
Homosexuals... they apply the term 'haters' to those that disapprove of their behavior and conduct (especially toward children) as if those others are proposing a Final Solution.
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