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Comes A Stillness

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 11:26 AM
5% OF ALL MURDERS AR COMMITTED WITH RIFLES OF ALL TYPES This includes so call military styled semiautomatic "assault" rifles. It is instead that handguns are the preferred weapon of choice for murder. Half of all murders with guns of all type occur within this nation's inner cities and comprises black on black. Absent crime stats involving blacks and this nation has the same overall crime states as does Canada and Sweden.

They introduce themselves politely in restaurants or diners, in a movie lobby or at some civic event, even in front of the Little Rock gate in Atlanta, which has become a kind of Arkansas crossroads. ("You don't know me, but . . .") Then they thank me for remembering Robert E. Lee every January 19th with a column on his birthday.

They don't tarry, and I may never see them again. Then they fade away, much like the Army of Northern Virginia (R.E. Lee, General). They have a look about them, or rather a manner. They come in different shapes and...