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Abraham Lincoln

OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 3:34 PM
WALTER WILLIAMS - - IF LINCOLN HAD HAD HIS WAY YOU WOULD BE ELSEWHERE ... as too would be the 3 million freed slaves in 1865 along with their descendants on this land that today total 42 million (having doubled their number via 75% illegitimacy since 1965 when 'great' society programs were enacted). Also... since 1865 and most especially since 1965 several hundreds of thousand victims would not have had their lives terminated by dysfunctionals of dark stripe. And also... since 1965 when the National Debt was near Zero it today would be near that rather than 16.7 Trillion dollars.. and growing with no end in sight (will be 23 Trillion dollars when the current experiment as president vacates office). The above is harsh yet true.
Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" has been a box-office hit and nominated for 12 Academy Awards, including best picture, best director and best actor for Daniel Day-Lewis, who portrayed our 16th president. I haven't seen the movie; therefore, this column is not about the movie but about a man deified by many. My colleague Thomas DiLorenzo, economics professor at Loyola University Maryland, exposed some of the Lincoln myth in his 2006 book, "Lincoln Unmasked." Now comes Joseph Fallon, cultural intelligence analyst and former U.S. Army Intelligence Center instructor, with his new e-book, "Lincoln Uncensored." Fallon's book examines 10 volumes of collected writings and...