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FBI’s Most Wanted! Are you kidding? Does FBI have any Dignity & Pride? Assata Shakur proved to whole world that FBI are good for nothing and give them away to Indians. Single handedly she outfoxed FBI for 40 years. Cuba fostered her as Freedom-Fighter not the Most Wanted Terrorist as FBI alleged. There’s no Indy source proves that Assata Shakur is Guilty of crime convicted. It’s politics. She ain’t black enough to get white justice. Here’s the good news... Assata Shakur is 65, she quit watching Thelma & Louise all over and ALLOVER again in Havana, she’s ready to come clean on condition that FBI quit voodoo & bitching about busting her. FBI must dumb down and give her the $2M Reward instead giving it to daydreaming Bounty Hunters. She...
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Weiner's Media Rehab Ignores Larger Scandal

obaid Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 6:30 PM
I support all the way ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. for Mayor. For being Jew of above 6 inch wiener as per his twitter. Never mind about Huma Abedin she can pose topless to prove that she ain’t either Muslim Brotherhood, or Taliban & Alshabab. Weiner can show his 6 inch Winchester in any Kosher Gay-bar in downtown Manhattan. What do you want more?
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