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Just the fellow we need to write laws for the enslaved masses. He so thoroughly understands how it is with the ruling class.
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America's Coming Gun War

Obadiah Wrote: May 04, 2013 1:36 PM
Campaign Contributors love guns. Campaign Contributors love gun massacres. Campaign Contributors love everything that distracts slaves from their enslavement.
Levin is right! The modern corporate slave state is completely compatible with unlimited gun ownership.
they want to build a plant in china as a prototype for the plant they expect to build in bangladesh
don't be so critical. jason collins is indeed gay. he says so himself.
the president was 100% right in his press conference. jason collins is indeed gay. he says so himself. i don't understand why townhall columnists are so critical.
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Time to Confront Obama

Obadiah Wrote: Apr 27, 2013 8:27 AM
Israel knows how to respond to such threats. MORE SETTLEMENTS, MANY MORE SETTLEMENTS.
don't forget timothy mcveigh, o.j simpson and charles manson. al capone OTOH was a great american.
left-wing boston suffers the wrath of god for fostering terrorism. with bill ayers Kathy Boudin in the whitehouse, washington too is marked for destruction.
As an experienced politician, Sanford knows the right Campaign Contributors and he knows how to provide them with government loot. He's the kind of corrupt liar the ruling class likes and he's sure to win.
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