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The key is steadfast endurance. Never let go of the throat into the opposition doesn't move.
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Man Defends His Life With an AR-15

o351showershoe Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 6:38 PM
I was amazed when I first shot the A2, especially upon hearing the buffer spring within the rifle stock. great weapon to fire
Muslims. Need I say more?
Idealistic, the lack of life experience, and wisdom.
Just think about the amount of blood pro-abortion individuals have on their hands? Save the children...pure madness!
I bet most of the police officers thinks he's full of carp and the only ones cheering are the morons who voted for him...obvious, but had to say it.
Every time OB hesitates he's changing magazines.
Nice comment. Have a great evening and hope Christ has you in his sights.
I guess he's human and not an alien.
Is the .22 revolver included in the gun bans? This is the weapon that the psycho used against Reagan...and to think that the Brady Bill was aimed (no pun intended) at "assault" weapons. I guess .22 revolvers should also be classed as "assault" weapons.
Funny. Add Hollyweird to that list.
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