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Have to comment on this one. Being a High School educator for the past twenty plus years, most student leadership positions are filled with females. My analysis: males in general (media, entertainment, etc.) are viewed as stupid baboons while women the smart ones who have it all together. It is the white man's guilt phenomenon and many take advantage of it...to get their way.
Had a good friend participate in the LA Riots when he was in the National Guard. They did not allow the Guard members to have ammunition while patrolling the streets of LA. What a joke. I wonder if Gov. Quinoccio is going to let the IL National Guard have ammo? (Get hard in the guard).
Scary that Joey would even consider it.
The whole ACA law and its unintentional effects is classic progressivism at its best...right up the yin-yang. What a faulty system of politics and logic!
Always easy to blame teachers and I have had plenty of subpar teachers. It starts with the parent...period. How about the Hip-hop culture that propagates crime? Teachers or the school system as a whole is a easy tangible target.
Some people know how to interpret the writing on the wall...apparently you don't.
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Five Annoying Types Of Republicans

o351showershoe Wrote: Jun 15, 2013 5:30 PM
This is why "independents" really irk me...they think that they have the corner market on political intelligence. It is a badge of honor to claim that they are "independent" and thus snob their nose at people who reliably vote for one side or the other.
Where's Piers Morgan?
The key is steadfast endurance. Never let go of the throat into the opposition doesn't move.
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