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Funny, I was just talking to my better half EXACTLY the same thing you write about. WHAT IF WE DID NOTHING?????? Throw us all in jail? Could they do that? I think not, but FINDING enough people in these United States willing to take a chance is another issue. However, I think you mention the obvious going through millions of minds as we speak. Works for me.
Oh. My. God. This whole thing is such a mess now. What is Obama doing? Is he okay? Is he cracking up? Is he having a breakdown or something like it? I'm not a doctor, but I'm wondering if his MIND isn't going or his body or something? He's making no sense. Obamacare is what he wants and now he's doing things that are working directly against it, or something like that. I'm afraid to sign up now. I think they're going to come after us and our accounts and what little we have. And we don't have much. I think there's something wrong with Obama, no kidding. Really wrong with his mind, perhaps. Can't follow his thinking anymore. Am I alone in this?
If you're black, you better DAMN well toe that very obvious line. It is the line of Victimhood of the Blacks. The siren song of the Left and the Leftists and those Leftists running the NAACP - the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The only "advancement" this organization has in its purview is the advancement of "colored victims". The have GOT to keep that whole idea in the forefront of their mantra, or the majority of the blacks may just begin to REALLY think for themselves. I am sorry that the Borellis' are not allowed to converse and have their booth at the Leftist organization, the NAACP, but the NAACP is clearly fearful of any message, any information, any black person not spouting their line - and their LIE - of black victimhood and Conservative thought. The NAACP is obviously a racist organization. Racist. And they accuse OTHERS of racism?? Funny, isn't it?
Obama's working as fast as he can. He is emboldened now, much more than before the election, and he's going to push this garbage through no matter what it takes or who it hurts and against all oppostiion to the contrary. He has nothing to lose now, and only millions of dollars to gain when he's out of office, safely protected 24/7 by Secret Service until the day he dies, playing golf endlessly. I am sad to say that I find myself more and more without hope. But that's just me.
It's disgusting. It's shocking. It's embarrassing. THIS is who the Democrats voted back into power and THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS. Ask them! THEY DON'T CARE! I hope they all choke on it, too.
Impeaching and removing a president from office is not easily done. The Senate would never agree to it - NEVER. I would imagine Mr. Obama is not surpirsed to hear these words mentioned in rrelation to him, but he has an army of syncophants and idealogical butt-kissers who will stop at nothing to protect him and his regime, and no matter how it was managed - whether with internet media watchers and programmers and stylists or fraudulent voting or paying people off - no matter WHAT it was - he got re-elected - by hook or by crook. And he's NOT worried. It is now full steam ahead, nothing can stop him for a while at least, and I don't believe the American public has the stomach or the inclination to take anyone on the Left to task .
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A Historic Debate Failure

O.C. Lady Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 2:36 PM
It is frustrating when you compare Hugh's column and insight with the polls and what's happening out here in reality-land that Frank Luntz tells Bill Maher that he still thinks Obama will win. All of this continues to confuse me, but I will stand by Hugh's insight which is probably more sane that my ups and downs about all of this. We're walking our precinct today in Irvine to help with the Romney/Ryan campaign. We're doing our part - are you doing yours, too?
Yes. It's so simple that the Progressives' heads spin around when you say it.
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