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In reply to Cambermeister, yes, Boehner is a good conservative. However, he isn't forceful enough to get through Obama's hard head like Paul Ryan could.
tac70 - you are sooo right. He is a communist, marxsist and anything else that I can think of. He isn't my president - he is a POS.
You've got that right !!!
Obama makes me puke!!!
Can you email me some popcorn and we will enjoy the moment together. Go Mitt & Paul !!!
I agree Patricia
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Romney Momentum in Swing States

nyoung Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 6:03 PM
Carmen55, I hope & pray so !!!!!! Pull the lever more than once. (just kidding)
Yes, it is Mitt's time. President Romney sounds good to me!!
Not much!
Joseph, I agree with you. Can't wait to call him "President Romney" - what a relief it will be for America our beloved country.
Yes, Jullou, independents need to get off the fence and vote for a real man ----Mitt will help restore our economy and our country. Go Mitt!!!
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