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brilliant! Are you stuck on stupid?? Take your thumb out of your mouth and try to use your brain for once.
it borders on stupidity to say that. I take it back, you are across the border living at my expense. Please leave and take your stupidity with you.
0bama can't really answer because he doesn't speak Australian. Besides, Christopher doesn't look like him and was here legally, so nothing in it for 0bama.
isn't obama 1/2 white numbskull?
Please realize this idiot is a libturd. Notice he said waco type fanatics, as opposed to Al Gore eco-fanatics.
You forgot to add that "its for the children", Libturd's standard line.
What was his name b4 the sex-change? That can't be a woman...
why didn't the moronic democrats in san diego vote for Andrew Dice Clay instead? At least he is somewhat humorous when he is obnoxious (which is always).
No way is the GOP liberal lite? Where have you been for the last 30 years? JS has it right, support tea party and libertarian type "conservatives".
FYI - Stockholm syndrome.
exactly Stan. I remember how the Japanese were going to take over the US in the late 80s, and how the real estate value in Tokyo alone was worth more than all of the real estate in the US. and then 1991....and the Japanese have 2 lost decades, and the US has (so far) 5 lost Owebama years...
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