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thanks for your worthless input troll. Now go to sleep in mama's basement and rest up for dinner!
those sure are sharp creases in his pants! and he can speak (from his teleprompter) in complete sentences. lets make him president!
what do the French have to do with this? Lemme guess, copy and paste from the Puffington Host? Sounds like you have fantasies about monkeys. Calling 0bama that is racist! please get your mind wiped. Oh forget it, you're a libturd, therefore your mind is already wiped clean of any thought....
Hopefully the abortions were all liberals in their 80th trimester.
POS meaning Chrissy Matthews and his wet leg....
I was hoping you were going to respond to this POS, Gatorbait. Thx!
JG: how you doing ? Finshed teabagging your neighbors cat yet?
Thats amazing that you can be on the computer. Isn't your nose up 0bama's rectum until 6pm?
considering that HHS hadn't figured out what the "law" would be until a few months ago, your statement is ludicrous.
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Putting Down the Debt Ceiling Sword

NyetToTheLeft Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 3:12 PM
no tax increases? Moron alert!!
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