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Obama: No Doubt We Need More Taxes

NW-Res Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 4:32 PM
Radley2 wrote: "Hang on middle class.... he is talking about taxing your income. " My point is that he already did. I have 4% less take home from the tax increase BO allowed to happen in January and I am not even close to anything "rich". And let's be clear, it was a tax increase. I don't buy the BS spin the left gives it as being an expiration of the "Bush tax cuts". In reality, those cuts were in place for a decade and I have less take home than I did in December. Taxes go up and down. What happened in January was a tax increase. W. Wilson had the upper income earners paying 90% taxes. So if BO raises the upper end from 36% to 39%, is that a tax increase or a partial expiration of some old tax cut?
traitorbill Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 5:07 PM
If you're a politician you say that you preserved a tax cut for 99% of the people. If you have any principle, you puke.

If you thought the fiscal cliff deal, ObamaCare and the Obama payroll tax hike would be the only increase we'd see heading into President Obama's second term, think again. Even after the rich got soaked on January 1, 2013, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it was "absolutely not" the last tax increase we'd see. President Obama hinted at the same thing and yesterday during an interview with CBS News, he said, "There is no doubt we need additional revenue."

'I don't think the issue right now is raising rates," Obama said. The goal now is to...