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Miracles Do Happen: Harry Reid's Senate Passed A Budget

NW-Res Wrote: Mar 23, 2013 4:29 PM
The difference is that the Rich guy can buy it and license it in any state he wants. I assume you are referring to John Kerry's sailboat purchase. The average Joe has to do that in his state and suffer whatever taxes are in place where he lives. But, how will the average Joe be able to aford the boat if his extra income is being taken by the government through higher taxes?
Two amazing upsets happened last night: a small school called Florida Gulf Coast University upset perennial powerhouse Georgetown in the first round of the NCAA tournament, and Harry Reid's Senate passed a budget!

The Senate passing a budget, of course, is by far the more miraculous occurrence, and certainly a rarer one. A 15-seed upsetting a 2-seed in the NCAA tournament is nearly a yearly occurrence: Lehigh upset Duke just last year, for example. Harry Reid's Senate, despite being legislatively binding, has refused to even offer up a budget since 2009.

This Senate budget passed 50-49, with four Democrats...