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Obama doesn't care because it does not affect him personally. if anything, with the corruption in our voting systems instigated by the democrats, it only strengthens his position in life.
Impeachment is a waste of time and just gives the dems something to politicize. The only legal course of action at this point is to vote in republican majorities into the House and Senate. The voting public has put a very aggressive fox in charge of the hen house. And, they are about to repeat the suicidal act in 2016 by making Hillary president. That should pretty much place the final nail in the American coffin.
With Liberal Progressives there is not compromise. So, don't waist your time.
Perhaps. But don't forget that a rat that has left the ship is still a rat.
I've been away for a while. What happened to all the Kool-Aid drinkers? It just isn't as much fun without them.
"post recession"?
Fascist Left
Just another example of the Fascis Left.
Here's the problem, a_goo. 1. You don't know what conservatives think. You're just arrogant and think you know. 2. You don't have a clear perspective on "the proper role of government". At least not from the perspective of America's founders. You do seem to know the socialist perspective on government. 3. You don't seem to have a grasp of what constitutes science. The Big Bang or Macro Evolution? Neither are provable. Neither are repeatable. And, it certainly isn't what ever comes out of Al Gore's mouth. Your posts are laughable because they follow no logical path, only emotional retort.
I see that Filup Space re-branded himself as a google user. Classic lefty, pathetically dishonest.
Actually, the philup's of the world are good for demonstrating the dizzy and shallow intellect of the liberal mind set.
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