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It is not only off topic, but a stupid straw-man argument. Democrats pay the same tax rates as republicans. He makes it sound like only republicans get tax breaks. Obama pays the same tax rate on capital gains, as does Clinton, Reed, Pelosi and all the other democrats. Fillup is a surface thinker. He doesn't examine anything beyond the talking points spewed by the left. Why Fillup, does it hurt to think more than 5 seconds on any one topic?
Look at the liberal hyppocracy. Fillup blames the recession on Bush a republican, except Bush brought unemployment down to 4.6 percent during the middle of his presidency. Unemployment didn't raise until after Dems had control of both houses of congress. Yet they blame the previous administration. Except when it comes to terrorism. They blame Bush for the 9/11 terrorist attach that happened in his first year in office. Yet they refuse to consider the more obvious cause. The policies set in place by Clinton and his inept foreign, domestic and military policies that allowed terrorists to operate within our country. Obama is doing the same. Hold fast when you get attacked in your own homes. That will be the result of left wing politics.
This recession is all Obama. You conveniently leave out a number of facts is what brought about the recession. For instance a Democrat super majority in both the House and Senate, not that Bush isn't partially responsible because he didn't veto anything the Dems put forth.. The unemployment didn't hint of improvement until the Republicans took back the House in 2010.
What a show of ignorance by the left. Jesus healed people by simply speaking the ill to health. He healed people instantly and for every kind of illness, including raising some from the dead. Why would Jesus advocate for healthcare insurance, even if such a thing existed in the first century?
She doesn't. There is one specific account in the Bible where Jesus was asked to take a political side. His response what that He did not come to make human policy, but to usher in the Kingdom of God, the pathway to God. "Render unto Cezar what is Cezar's and to God what is God's". I don't believe Obamacare qualifies as from God.
The Bible also warn about perverting its message. Check out the last paragraph of the Christian Bible. Naming dropping Jesus' name to promote a political policy, especially one that is contrary to his teachings is going to yield an unwanted consequence.
Fillup Space and the left: "The entire Republican platform is a big, beautiful empty cliche of freedom from taxes, government, healthcare, education, infrastructure, regulation and interaction with minorities." --------------------------------------------------- Leave it to a lefty to quote a lie perpetrated by the "progresive" Democrats. A true Kool-Aid drinker. Name a conservative Republican that has run on any of the platforms above. And, it is always enlightening to see the race baiting that comes from the self proclaimed tolerant and color blind group known as the liberals.
Ah, the race baiting left. How progressive.
Philup Space (very clever) speaks for the left: "Republicans just don't get change - new people, new ideas, new languages, new ways of thinking, new religions, new problems or new solutions." ------------------------------------ But you left wing democrats don't have any new ideas. They are all out the old socialist play books. As for "new religions", God still exists. Your religion is to worship yourselves. You are just too partisan and rigid in your believes to see that you and your left wing comrades are simply ushering in the some old failed institutions. Obama and today's Democrats have made America one step away from a Banana Republic.
In today's Urban and Suburban environments, open carry isn't the best idea. It exposes the weapon, allowing the bad guy to know who is armed and provides a possible weapon for them to confiscate, so to speak. Conceal carry keeps bad guys guessing and does not setup the carrier as a target. A better law would be to abolish the requirement to register with local police and obtain a permit to carry concealed.
This always comes to mind following one of BO's speaches. “He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.” --Abraham Lincoln
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