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Unless the RNC grows a pair real soon and starts backing "conservative", a guy like Walker would never prevail. Sorry to be cynical, but I am just calling as I have observed in the recent past.
Russians have freedom under a communist government? hmm. And our fight against King George was just like the Palestinians fight against Israel, today. And oh of course, Israel is behaving exactly like the Nazis of the 20th century. I guess the lefty intellect is just too superior to mine and I'm just too stupid to see the parallels.
Exactly. In an age of "politically correct" (the Clinton era) and "check your privilege" (the Obama era), what does it mean when a lefty says conservatives have "litmus tests", except that they (lefties) have become completely deranged. Would you like another class of Kool-Aid, Doctor X? "Democratic Party", what a name for a group of fascists. At least they are consistent in their deceit.
It seems today, we conservatives have one of 2 choices. The left wing democrat or the moderate to left leaning Republican. Regarding Christie, this can't be a complete surprise when considering the state he governs.
The most transparent thing about this Obama administration is how blatantly deceitful they are.
Shouldn't matter. Most if not all email systems store. email messages on the server and back up those drives. This is just yet another example of the dems believing that the American public is simply stupid. Perhaps they are correct when it comes to about 54% of us.
Don't celebrate too quickly. There is always another Obama drone who can fill the position. I didn't think anyone could be more blatantly dishonest than Gibbs. But, then came Carney and proved me wrong. I now have no doubt that Mr. Earnest (what a name for an Obama press secretary) will out do his predecessor.
Henry, Liberalsupertroll could identify propaganda if it came up and bit him on the butt, which it will all in good time.
If "United we stand, divided we fall", why such open armed entrancement of diversity? is it the goal to fall?
Obama doesn't care because it does not affect him personally. if anything, with the corruption in our voting systems instigated by the democrats, it only strengthens his position in life.
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