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Don't you know? He believes in the civilian army.
Isn't the bible up for personal intrepretation...much like the constitution?
Isn't the bible up for interpretation...much like the constitution?
Religion is a fair question b/c what someone personally believes dictates how they view others and the world. Believing what a candidate SAYS is a tricky and often unaccurate portrayal of the truth. We can't seem to have honest debate about such issues b/c of political correctness.
And Clinton had better things to Oxford?! Is he a "piece of garbage" too?
I don't think he's saying that. Larry is saying that for the Democrats to go after Mitt's religion means that Republicans should be free to reexamine Obama's. Larry's not endorsing Mormonism in and of itself.
Bold article Mr. Elder!
The problem with immigration and other issues is that our gov't CAN DO something about them but they CHOOSE NOT to because they are more concerned with getting reelected and keeping power. We already have laws in place to deal with immigration, it's that the gov't is not enforcing them. Money cannot be the issue, b/c they're spending money on just about everything else.
It shouldn't matter where you are from. If you are going to live here then you need to assimilate.
I mostly enjoy Ann's brash analysis of issues, but I don't want to continually read about how much she loves Romney. I get that she supports him, but please move on to other things already!
I suppose then the following week they will be bringing in the NRA and others to counter balance? Right? .....crickets.....
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