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Good info here! But I have a question. For 46 straight years, I, and my employer, paid into Social Security. Fortunately, I paid the maximum required in all of those years. Now that I have reached retirement age and am receiving back the funds I paid in, how are these funds called "welfare"? Can anyone explain this to me? NV Bill
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Myths We Live By

NV Bill Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 12:20 PM
Like many politicians, Senator Reid has "selective" outrage. For example, he is pushing the development of another solar panel manufacturing plant, ENN Mohave Energy, located near Laughlin, NV. It will, if it ever gets off the ground, employ 2,000 people. The problem is, it is owned by a Chinese company! And will assemble Chinese products! The good Senator is leaning on NV state electric suppliers to commit to buying power from this company. I guess in Senator Reid's mind, clothing is bad, but solar panels is good! It might just depend on where your investments lie....Just saying.
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