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Michelle Obama Lectures Gold Medal Gymnast About Eating One Egg McMuffin

NV1 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 8:00 PM
Take a look at all of the athletes in this country of all different races who have made a fortune from endorsements and tell me why it isn't possible. Gabby is a positive role-model, a world-recognized figure now and a beautiful, charming young lady. It's not only possible, it's highly probable. America is not the most racist country on earth. That's a myth propped up by racism pimps who benefit from fanning the flames of racial tension for their own benefit. America has made and continues to make tremendous strides. We will never completely eliminate racism, but we are getting closer every day. Let go of your hate and try to foresee a better future.

Gymnast Gabby Douglas, as Jay Leno mentions in the following clip, worked her entire life to become an Olympic gold medalist, but did that stop Michelle Obama from scolding Douglas on national television for eating an Egg McMuffin to celebrate? (hint: no)


The only medal Michelle Obama will ever see is her husband's Nobel Peace Prize, and unlike Douglas with her gold medal, Barack Obama didn't earn that.