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Lady Napolitano’s Little Monsters

NV1 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 11:25 AM
The problem with the idea of legalization is that a lot of the illegal drugs that are coming across the border would never be legalized anyway because they are too dangerous. There would still be trafficking of high potency meth and any other drugs that weren't authorize for sale by the gov't. What we need is for the Federal gov't to do it's job and protect our borders. As a life-long citizen of Arizona, I'm disgusted by President Obama's apathy regarding border security and his intentional obstruction of Arizona's attempts to protect our own borders when the Federal gov't has failed to do so. He has done this with complete disregard for the wishes and safety of Arizona citizens in an attempt to pander to the Hispanic voters. Disgusting.
Paulus Textor Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 12:32 PM
The federal government, per the Constitution, has no legal authority over drugs (except perhaps, on a proper reading of the "commerce clause", the ability to regulate drugs manufactured in one state, and shipped to another).

The solution to the "illegal drugs" problem is to make them legal.

The only reason people kill each other in drug turf-wars, is the amazing profits to be made manufacturing substances at ten cents a dose, then selling it for a hundred bucks on the black market.
Jay Wye Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 7:54 PM
FEDGOV certainly DOES have legal authority to regulate commerce from foreign nations,and that is where most of the illegal drugs originate.(cocaine and heroin)
Paulus Textor Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 11:40 PM
Ah, once again, Jay Wye argues like a liberal, reading into the Constitution as broadly as humanly possible, in order to save his precious federal government program.

Of course, you beg the question. What if someone grows marijuana on his own property, for his own personal use? What if it never crosses a border?

I presume you will send in the stormtroopers, because at heart, you love big government.

Pop star Lady Gaga and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano both attract ‘little monsters.’ But whereas Lady Gaga attracts innocuous albeit freakishly dressed teenagers, Lady Napolitano literally attracts ‘little monsters’—violent cárteles del narcotráfico.

The Obama administration, with Lady Napolitano at the helm of the Department of Homeland Security, is unconstitutionally driving the American drug market underground, where the drugs are more potently addictive and the dealers are brutal Mexican cartel leaders. Here is what happens when the federal government tries to regulate narcotics:

A black market emerges

When the federal government prohibits a substance, whether it is alcohol or...