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Here's a thought... why doesn't he try to fix real problems facing the American people like the economy, collapse of our standing in the world, the growing border problem? All we get from Harry and his ilk are either problems that he believes will impact him or junk that is just noise in the grand scheme of things like whether or not the Washington Redskins should have to change their name. Democrats - get rid of this clown, he's making you all look stupid.
I hope we're not going to have 2 years of this kind of garbage digging on Hillary or the other Democratic candidates. I was hoping the Republican party was capable of winning on the strength of our beliefs. Weak.
Translation for the guy doing his thesis: "Benghazi was her greatest accomplishment" = "She's a genius for not getting fired over that one..."
Please, oh please God, let Joe Biden be the Democratic party nominee in 2016.
I honestly don't have any doubt that she means well. Truth is, she has no good ideas, can't work with the other side, isn't going to change and, for the good of the country, needs to go. She is the poster child for the need for term limits.
I don't know how this guy lives with himself. He's nothing but a ball of b.s. and snarkiness in a nice suit. Want to settle the national debt? Have a pay-per-view with Carney vs. Paul Ryan in a steel cage death match. I'm sure the Sierra club would try to block it since weasels are an endangered species, but it's ok to dream.
Amazing. Bill Maher is still on the airwaves? Honestly, he's still able to shock people with his extreme and caustic language, but he just doesn't matter and will never be a part of relevant and intelligent discourse.
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