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Physician, Heal Thyself

nuocmam Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 7:13 AM
Follow the money . . . abortion is profitable because a healthy woman goes to an abortionist to get a viable life removed. Easy (blood) money for planned parenthood and abortionists . . .

"We have to get beyond the damn rhetoric," Dr. John Bruchalski tells a group of medical students on a recent stop in his second annual National Medical Students for Life Tour.

He's talking about the a-word, abortion -- the one many of us just don't want to have to talk about. Including in med school.

"Dr. B," as he's known, reads from a Washington Post article that ran a few years ago, in which a medical student recalled witnessing her first abortion and her struggle to reconcile the gruesome reality with her pro-choice views.

"I think she's getting at what it means to have...