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Sooner Or Later Progressives Will Get Around To You

Nunya8 Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 2:44 PM
"Duffy seems to think that he has the right to choose our rights; the government has the right to determine and legislate our personal liberties.... " Why wouldn't he/she believe that? As the Supreme Arbiter of Fairness, the O routinely stands before his friendly cameras and microphones and dictates fairness doctrine to the sheep. It's a massive programming effort that has proven to work.

First, they came for the smokers.

No one would argue smoking is good for you. But it’s legal; growing tobacco is even subsidized by the government. Yet, when governments started limiting the right of people to smoke in places public and private, non-smokers did nothing. They didn’t like smoke; they’d heard second-hand smoke was dangerous. Why should they allow owners of private establishments to choose whether those establishments allowed people to engage in a legal – in fact, subsidized -- activity?

Then, they came to “clean up” the healthcare mess. They would take the sick and poor off...